Your Story

You have a story to tell…let me tell it for you.

Every story deserves to be told. Maybe your story is a major life event like your wedding day or the birth of a child. Your story could be seeing the emotions of joy in victory, the pain in loss, and the pride of sportsmanship at a sporting event. It could be a day with your family at the zoo or just around the house.

This only scratches the surface of possibilities of what your story could be. Yet, if no one is there to tell it, then the memories could be lost. Being able to see and even hold a record of the story you are apart of is a valuable thing.

As a Kansas based photojournalist, I strive to document your story. I use my cameras as the way to record your story. This means capturing the moments you expect and the ones you did not even realize that happened.

Then I use those images to create beautiful photos that could end up on your wall or desk or as part of an album. Placing the photos into prints for display or on the pages of an album give you an easy and accessible way to relive the stories of your life.


If you want your story told, use the form below or call me at 620-923-3258.