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2019 Central Kansas Wheat Harvest – Maneth Family – 6-30-19

Harvest time can be an opportunity for new blood to come into their own.

Many of the families that farm the ground in Kansas hope to pass the tradition on to a child. In those families, the kids will start at an early age helping out.

During harvest that could mean driving the grain cart or a combine, maybe helping fix a breakdown, or manning the truck to help move from field to field that also has the extra fuel and the cooler of “refreshments”.

When one of those children get old enough to farm on their own, it is a time when their ground is added to the list of fields to cut.

On a Sunday Afternoon, I took some time to join Michael Maneth and his sons Bryce and Colton. They were cutting some ground that Bryce recently took over.

Bryce drove his combine in addition to an uncle cutting with a second one. Colton took the important job of driving the grain cart, under the watch of his grandfather, Dale Brady.

The yields were good, but you could see Bryce planning on how to get more out of the field with each pass.

Below are some of the pictures I took in the field: