When two people meet, fall in love, and make the life altering decision to say “I do” forever, they want a way to remember the day they married.

Photos capture the moments of the day that can seem like a blur to the Bride and Groom.

So much happens on a Wedding day. The important moments: a beautiful Bride and a handsome Groom, the exchanging of the vows and rings, parents and family gathering together, dining, dancing, and much joy. What about the less obvious moments: a family member helping put on the veil, the detail of the icing in the cake, a couple of friends enjoying a laugh, and the scramble for a bouquet or garter flying through the air?

All of these are events that deserve to be captured as an image. These are the images I work to make on a wedding day.

Below are examples of the moments I captured on a Wedding Day: