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Liberal at Great Bend Softball 4-27-13

It goes without saying that this Spring has been a weird one. Well, we should really call it an extended Winter. Many schools postponed or even cancelled scheduled Spring Sport events due to snow falling or very cold and windy conditions.

One of those postponed events was a softball double-header between the Great Bend Lady Panthers and the visiting Liberal Lady Redskins. The games took place on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the softball diamond at Barton Community College.

The Great Bend Lady Panthers took control of both games early on and did not look back as they powered to two shutout victories with finals of 18-0 (3 innings) and 13-0.

These two games were my first time shooting softball since last Summer, and my first ever experience shooting it on the High School level. Let’s just say they move faster than the 10-12 year old girls I shot last summer.

One other note, I have not been able to properly identify many of the Great Bend Lady Panthers in the photos. If you can let me know who is in which photos, I will gladly correct my captions.

Below are some of the pictures I took at the game:

Click here to purchase prints or downloads of these pictures.

Click here to purchase prints or downloads of these pictures.

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