Bi-District: Otis-Bison vs Fowler

The 8-Man Division II playoffs have begun with the Fowler Goldbugs traveling to Otis for a first round game.

Otis-Bison delivered a commanding performance with a 46-0 victory.

The Cougars will travel to Bird City to face the undefeated Cheylin Cougars on Saturday.

Here are some pictures from the game:

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Whooping Cranes at Quivira NWR

Two Whooping Cranes stopped over at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge on their way to Texas last week.

I took the opportunity Saturday afternoon to take my camera down and try to shoot some pictures of them.  Thanks to the help of a birdwatcher with a big sighting scope, I was directed to where they stood.

My 70-200mm lens did what it could, but I really could have used a longer piece of glass to take a better shot of these rare birds.

Maybe one of these days I’ll start taking up a collection for new camera gear.

After seeing the Whooping Cranes on the Little Salt Marsh, I went up to the Wildlife Drive at the Big Salt Marsh and took pictures of some great shore birds and beached carp.  Yes, beached carp.  It was quite the sight.

Little did I know that at that same time, 12 more Whooping Cranes were flying in.

Hmmm, might need to start collecting for that camera gear fund sooner than I thought.

Here are my pics from an afternoon at Quivira NWR:

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Week 8: Otis-Bison vs. Pawnee Heights

The last regular season game for the Otis-Bison Cougars brought the Pawnee Heights Tigers to town.

As has been the theme for the year, the Cougars took control early and never let up.  The First Quarter ended with a score of 43-0.

In the end, the final score was 63-14.

Otis-Bison ends the regular season 8-0 and District #5 Champions.

The Cougars wait to see who they face in the Bi-District Championships November 2nd in Otis.

Here are some pics from the game:

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Week 7: Otis-Bison at Bucklin

Otis-Bison traveled to Bucklin for their last regular season road game against the Red Aces.

The Cougars had the game in hand almost from the start with three scores before four minutes had past in the First Quarter.

The final score was 55-6.

Next week the Cougars will end the regular season in Otis against the Pawnee Heights Tigers.

Here are some pictures from the game at Bucklin:

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Week 6: Otis-Bison vs. Cunningham

Week 6 of the 8-man Division II season brought the Cunningham Wildcats to Otis to face the undefeated Cougars.

Cunningham came with a quick quarterback, #4 Kyle Kerschen, who could run and throw.  This potent offensive weapon was involved in most of the 26 points the Wildcats scored on the Cougars.

Otis-Bison finally met an opponent that could punch back.  The Cougars will take this lesson to heart as the playoffs near.

Despite giving up 26 points, the Cunningham Wildcats could not stop the multiple offensive threats of the Otis-Bison Cougars.  The Cougars ended the game early in the Third Quarter bringing the final score to 72-26.

The Cougars remain undefeated and will travel to Bucklin next Friday.

Here are the pictures from the game:

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Cheyenne Bottoms in Early Fall

I headed out to Cheyenne Bottoms again on a late September evening.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  The mosquitoes were thick as paste.

I did find some nice pics of herons and pelicans still nesting there.  A few geese were around also.

The big migratory flocks are still far to the north.

Here’s some of the pics I took that evening:

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McConnell Open House 2010

McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas hosted an Open House September 25th and 26th.

I went down for the Saturday show.  Due to heavy traffic, I was not able to make it in for the early part of the air show.

The featured act this year was the U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbirds.  Unfortunately, a line of thunderstorms kept the Thunderbirds’ F-16s on the ground.

I still got several nice pictures of what I was able to see.

Check them out below:

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